Director and founder
Jakob Aagaard Mortensen

Director and founder of Kierkegaard by Nature. Jakob has more than 15 years of experience within leadership and employee development from Denmark and abroad. He has developed Walk to Explore and has, through this concept, led more than 800 participants on walking tours around the world focusing on leadership development.

Meet the Board

The board represents a wide variety of fields and knowledge, but what unites the members is their interest in Kierkegaard, deeper conversations and thoughtfulness. They are passionate about making this accessible to everyone.

Chairman of the Board

Andreas Kamm

Andres Kamm has 38 years of experience from the Danish Refugee Council. The latter 18 years of these he held the position of Secretary General with more than 7000 employees in 42 countries. Today he is a consultant and public speaker.

Louise Orbesen

Founder of Leading Humans, with the primary purpose of creating sustainable and healthy organizations. She is a former McKinsey consultant in Denmark and abroad with more than 15 years of experience within strategy and management.

Berit Elmark

Development Manager in VisitNordsjælland. Berit has many years of experience from the travel industry, as Development Manager at MyPlanet and as head of the Travel Industry Education Center.

Niels Lynge

CEO of XP Digital and co-investor in Kierkegaard by Nature. Niels has many years of experience in management and business development. management and business development.


Pia Søltoft

Pia Søltoft is a Ph.D. and Associate Professor in Ethics and Religious Philosophy, with special reference to Søren Kierkegaard, at the University of Copenhagen. In 2008 Pia started her own consulting firm and in 2016 she also became pastor at the Marble Church in Copenhagen's diocese.

Bente Klarlund

Chief Physician at Rigshospitalet, professor of integrative medicine at the University of Copenhagen, specialist in infectious medicine, author and public speaker. Bente has been particularly active in researching the relationship between exercise and the immune system as well as exercise as a way of treating diseases.

Michael Falch

Michael Falch is a singer-songwriter, author and actor. He has released multiple albums, taken part in movies and TV series along with having received a Bodil Award as well as a Danish Music Award. Michael is the Danish voice of the Kierkegaard by Nature App.

Project Team

Bettina Veneman

Kaospilot focusing on creating meaningful relationships between people and with nature. In Kierkegaard by Nature, Bettina is in charge of project management leading up to the opening of the route, while also working on content development for the App and website.

Daniel Pedersen

Communication Consultant and Project Manager. In Kierkegaard by Nature, Daniel is handling all communication and marketing, as well as development of content for the app and website. He is also the project leader towards the opening of the Copenhagen route.

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