Research Collaboration

Kierkegaard by Nature engages in a research collaboration with Associate Professor Anete Mikkala Camille Strand and Professor Finn Thorbjørn Hansen who are a part of Center for Dialogue and Organisation (CDO) at Aalborg University. 

CDO works theoretically and practically with professional conversations and innovative processes in organisations, e.g. leadership communication, value- and wonder-based conversations, educational dialogues and creative development processes, coaching, and conflict management. Conversations are seen as the entry point for theoretical and analytical understanding of interpersonal relations and as a tool to intervention and innovation in organisations.

Anete Mikkala Camille Strand

Anete Mikkala Camille Strand Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities – Institute of Communication & Psychology, Center for Dialogue and Organisation at Aalborg University. Here, she also leads the Material Story Lab. Anete has worked as a consultant within the fields of organizational development, education and change for years prior to returning to the University where she did a Ph.D within the subject. Through this research she developed the approach of Material Storytelling.

Materialising Kierkegaard by Nature

Anete will be researching along the progress of the experience focusing on the scenography and experience design that support the concept in the crossing of the philosophy of Kierkegaard, walking and the materialisation that binds it all together. This includes the coast line, posts with pictograms, the app, Kierkegaard’s philosophy and merchandise.

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Finn Thorbjørn Hansen

Finn Thorbjørn Hansen is a professor in Philosophical and Dialogical Praxis at Center for Dialogue and Organisation at Aalborg University. He has been researching and training professionals in “wonder-based dialogues” as well as Socratic group conversations for many years. Finn is leading the research unit Wonder Lab at Aalborg University and has written many books on this matter. “At stå i det åbne“, “At møde verden med undren“.

Læs mere om Finns seneste forskningsprojekt om undringsdimensionen i kunstneriske processer.

Qualification of the Wonder-Dialogue in Kierkegaard by Nature

Finn will be following Kierkegaard by Nature together with his colleague, Anete Strand, partially to conduct qualitative interviews and partially to further develop the dimension of dialogue in order to improve people’s ability to be wondering together. This, both during and after the philosophical walk.

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